ISOMED • International Society for Mediterranean Ecology

Anigozanthos rufus
Kangaroo paws (Anigozanthos rufus). Photo by Peggy Fiedler

ISOMED is an international professional society established to promote research, conservation, and public awareness of the biological diversity of the world’s Mediterranean-climate regions.

ISOMED was established in 1971 to organize a regular series of conferences on Mediterranean-climate region issues. Now known as MEDECOS conferences, the meetings are still convened on a regular basis in the five Mediterranean-climate regions.

ISOMED is a legal body headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal. It is supported by an executive committee and audit board.


  1. To promote and improve communication and cooperation among investigators, educations, environmental managers, and human communities in the five Mediterranean-climate regions of the world.
  2. To promote an awareness of the global significance of Mediterranean-climate regions, their biodiversity, and their conservation within the scientific community, resource managers, and the general public.
  3. To promote research in all aspects of the ecology and conservation of Mediterranean-climate regions.
  4. To encourage the preservation of biodiversity in Mediterranean-climate regions and to safeguard it for posterity for its intrinsic worth and its aesthetic and tangible values to humanity.
  5. To promote education in the ecology and conservation of Mediterranean-climate regions.
  6. To provide expert knowledge to government and non-government agencies and organizations whose administrative decisions affect Mediterranean-climate habitats and their biota.
  7. To encourage the establishment, improvement, maintenance and accessibility of physical facilities, databases, and collections of biological materials for the study of Mediterranean-climate and their conservation.
Spring wildflowers in California. Image credit: Catherine E. Kohler

International Advisory Committee

Kingsley Dixon Australia
Grant Wardell–Johnson Australia
Pablo Marquet Chile
Margarita Arianoutsou Greece
Costas A. Thanos Greece
Vanda Acacio Portugal
Miguel Bugalho Portugal
Francisco Moreira Portugal
Francisco Castro Rego Portugal
Karen Esler South Africa
Dave Olson United States
Felicia Federico United States
Phil Rundel United States