Previous MEDECOS Conferences


California CoastMEDECOS XII, 2011
Held in Los Angeles, California, and organized by Phil Rundel and Felicia Federico of the University of California, Los Angeles. Hosted by the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, the UCLA La Kretz Center for California Conservation Science, and the UCLA Stunt Ranch Santa Monica Mountains Reserve. The theme, Linking Science to Resource Management, is critical to achieving conservation and sustainability goals in all five regions.     Photo gallery >>                    Videos of conference speakers>>

Isopogon DryandraMEDECOS XI, 2007
Held at the University of Western Australia in Perth and organized by Kingsley Dixon of Kings Park and Botanic Garden. The 300 registered participants represented 65 different countries, making it the largest and most diverse conference in the series. Opportunities included a four-day pre-conference field trip to the eucalypt woodland and forests of the south coast, and a three-day post-conference field trip north the kwongan heathlands of Eneabba, Mount Lesueur, and Kalbarri National Park.

Held in Rhodes, Greece, and organized by Margarita Arianoutsou of the University of Athens. A full day excursion allowed all participants to see the range of diverse habitats on the island of Rhodes, as well as its rich archaeological history and cultural attractions. Abstracts as well as a CD of the full text of all papers were included in a published volume distributed to all participants (Arianoutsou and Papanastasis 2004).


aleMEDECOS IX, 2000
Held in Stellenbosch, South Africa, and organized by Karen Esler and David Richardson, both of the University of Stellenbosch. Sponsored by the Institute for Plant Conservation, University of Cape Town, and the Botany Department, University of Stellenbosch, in association with the Botany Department, University of the Western Cape, Cape Nature Conservation, the CSIR’s Division of Water, Environment and Forestry Technology, the National Botanical Institute, and South African National Parks. Participants were given a choice of field trips to visit Kirstenbosch and the Cape Nature Reserve or urban ecology and land use conflicts in the Cape Flats.


Held in San Diego, California, and organized by Walter Oechel of San Diego State University. This meeting focused on global change and its impact on Mediterranean-climate ecosystems. Pre- and post- conference field trips were offered to northwestern Baja California, Sky Oaks and Santa Margarita Biological field stations, and the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve.


Held in Reñaca, Viña del Mar, Chile, and organized by Gloria Montenegro of the Papal Catholic University of Chile.  A group of invited papers discussing landscape degradation and biodiversity in Mediterranean-climate ecosystems was published (Rundel, Montenegro and Jaksic 1998). Participants visited La Campana National Park and saw the famous Chilean wine palm, Jubaea chilensis, at Ocoa.


Held in Maleme, Crete, and organized by Margarita Arianoutsou of the University of Athens. The theme was plant and animal interactions in Mediterranean climate ecosystems; invited contributions were published later (Arianoutsou and Groves 1994). A field trip toured the diverse ecosystems of Crete and Samara Gorge, the largest river gorge in Europe.


Melaleuca Cuticularis BeaufortMEDECOS V, 1987
Held in Montpellier, France, at the Centre Emberger of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique. The theme was the role of water in the functioning of mediterranean-climate ecosystems at multiple spatial and temporal scales. A selection of papers examining time scales of biological responses to water constraints was published later (Roy, Aronson and di Castri 1995). The two field trips visited the Mount Aigoual region and the remarkable ecosystems of the Camargue plus a French rodeo. The now iconic MEDECOS custom of a competitive wine tasting was born at this conference.

Called MEDECOS for the first time, the conference was held in Perth, Western Australia. The chosen theme was resilience and resistance in Mediterranean-climate ecosystems. Types of analyses ranged from physiological to community to ecosystem processes, with presentations on both plant and animal systems (Dell, Hopkins and Lamont 1986).  John Beard led a weeklong post-congress field trip that looped south along the west coast from Perth, through the eucalyptus woodlands and forest, back up to the wheatlands, and west back to Perth.

* MEDCOM, 1980
Held in Stellenbosch, South Africa. This conference and its resulting publication (Kruger, Mitchell and Jarvis 1983) focused on a distinguishing factor among the five Mediterranean-climate regions: nutrient availability.  Southwestern Australia and the Cape Region of South Africa have ancient, nutrient-poor landscapes associated with remarkably high levels of species richness at local scales. A field trip visited field sites of strandveld and other habitats. A post-congress workshop at Hermanus provided synthesized many ideas presented at the meeting.

* 1977
Held at Stanford, California and organized by ecologist Hal Mooney of Stanford University. More than 100 scientists attended this meeting, which focused on the environmental consequences of fire and fuel management practices on the functioning of Mediterranean-climate ecosystems (Mooney and Conrad 1977).

* 1971
Held at Valdivia, Chile, and organized by Francesco di Castri of the University of Valdivia, this first gathering of Mediterranean-climate ecologists from around the world was so successful that it launched the longstanding series of science meetings now known as MEDECOS. The conference initiated a program to study convergent ecosystems within the International Biological Program (IBP), and led to a synthesis of the comparative geography and ecology of the world’s five Mediterranean-climate regions (di Castri and Mooney 1973).  Together with comparative studies of Chile and California that followed the IBP program, the meeting delivered a broader ecological and evolutionary perspective to comparative ecosystem studies.

* Conferences held prior to use of the MEDECOS name


Related meetings

Many other international meetings of Mediterranean-climate region ecologists have led to important publications; a number of these were held in the 1980s.

Kassandra, Greece, 1980
The components of primary production in Mediterranean climate ecosystems (Margaris and Mooney 1981).

Saint-Maximin, France, 1981
The definition and distribution of terrestrial Mediterranean ecosytems; proceedings were published as a special issue of Ecologia Mediterranea (Quezel 1982).

San Diego, California, 1981
Fire management in Mediterranean-climate regions (Conrad and Oechel 1982).

Sesimbra, Portugal, 1985
Plant ecophysiology in Mediterranean-climate ecosystems (Tenhunen et al. 1987).



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