Prioritizing Med-climate research questions

Efforts to conserve biodiversity rely on solid research that can guide policies, management, and funding allocations. But which research questions scientists view as most important depend on the Mediterranean-climate region they come from. A new paper by Moreira et. al. in Conservation Science and Practice indicates stakeholders from the five Mediterranean-climate regions prioritize very different research topics, though governance, climate change, and public participation issues remained top of mind for most.

Hydrobiologia Mediterranean-climate Rivers

The journal Hydrobiologia showcases Mediterranean Rivers in its special November 2013 issue. The volume includes contributions by several Mediterranean-climate ecosystem experts who presented at MEDECOS XII. Those interested in discussing these issues at MEDECOS XIII in 2014 should contact Raphael Mazor at or Felicia Federico at


MoroccanMediterranean City Climate Change Consortium (MC-4)

MC-4 is a network of adaptive cities. We focus on implementing adaptation solutions in the five Mediterranean climate regions of the world: California, central Chile, the Western Cape of South Africa, southern and southwestern Australia and the region surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. In the landscape of climate adaptation, we are a unique collaborative organized around ecological boundaries.